A Whole New Ballgame

Deli Trays:  

Meat Trays   Cheese Trays

Sandwich or Wrap Trays

Fruit or Veggie Trays

Made to Order   Customized for YOU.


Pita Bread  /  Flat Bread

Sourdough - Thick Sliced


Hoagies - White & Wheat Amorosa Rolls


BerryNana Panini

Almond Coconut Panini



Wraps, Pitas and Quesadillas

We offer several varieties of breads, wraps, pitas, and croissants. Enjoy them filled with our fresh cut meats, cheeses, veggies and condiments then served up grilled, cold or toasted.       Just the way you like it.

Kids - We Love Little Sluggers

Kids Grilled Cheese                             .99

Kids Ham and Cheese ( or Turkey)    1.49

Mini Pizzas - GREAT ... fresh ingredients

Kids Drinks

Tummy Yummies

High Chairs & Boosters

 Soups, Chili , Grilled Cheese

Choose from our homemade Steak Chili, Potato Bacon or other soups for a light meal. Or combine with a sandwich and a drink at special prices.

Salads - Fresh Sliced Veggies

Chef Salads  -  Grilled Chicken Chef Salad

Homemade: Chicken Salad - Tuna Salad

Plus our famous Cranberry Chicken Salad

Southwest Chicken and Strawberry Salad. Top them off with a homemade dressing.


 Great Subs, Panini, ReubensWe stock quality meats and cheeses, and with our fresh breads and vegetables, the possibilities are endless here. Choose from our suggestions or create your own

Our Food

Cheese Steaks-Our Biggest Hit

Start with original Amorosa Hoagies in White or Wheat then add fresh-cut and grilled onion, peppers and/or mushrooms.

Finish it off with your choice of other stuff for THE BEST CHEESE STEAK AROUND.